Monday, October 17, 2011

Journal 1

As being the archetype of the dragon slayer, Beowulf faces death to save a threatened community. This is a characteristic similar to all heroes in the comic book realm. Typical of fictional heroes, Beowulf possessed great strength. In the scene where Beowulf defeats Grendel and Grendel’s mother, once and for all, he had to lift “a heavy Sword, hammered by giants…”(Raffel 37). It was described as being “so massive that no ordinary man could lift its carved and decorated length” (Raffel 37). Being blessed with great strength is a great responsibility that Beowulf interprets as a weapon to protect the people of his community from evil dwellers. Beowulf’s character is very much like Captain America’s persona. Both of the heroes were humans that attained great strength in order to fight foes whom threaten to harm their community or a society. After Captain America induced the “Super Soldier Serum,” an injection enhancing his agility, vision, speed, intelligence, and strength, his duty was to protect the American population from the Red Skull, a villain with intentions to conquer the world. Both of these great heroes characterize the best qualities of society’s heroes, past and present.

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