Friday, October 14, 2011

Beowulf Boast

I, the remarkable Daniel G,
Demand you fools to bow down to me.
Descendent from the Great Middle lands of the Americas.
I am son of the great NG, chief of America’s flying vessels,
And LG, guardian of the kingdom. Brother of MG ,
Student inhabitant to the home of the Tiger and seller of Roasted aroma.
From the coastal shores of the Great Land of Bananas! I BELLOW!
Rider of Cycles, player of Set,
Listener of lovely reverberations, and Athlete of Sports.
As big man of the Basketball team
I advance to my rivals and restrict them with my
Brute body, pushing and boxing out,
Snapping bones, and breaking ankles from my foes.
I speak of and brag of the victories of my
Fellow Blue and White enduring Tigers!
When out in Sea catching Legends of the Deep
I extend with force, pulling in prehistoric Pes
With crucial endurance. Apprehending  dinner
Makes anticipation grow for grub.
Culinary creativity commends my Competency
In cooking. My specialty is making furious-flavors from the spices and marinades,
That manipulate the touchy-tongue of my comrades. My food
Surpasses such flavors of my competitors. No one can contest it!
I am a person of potency, an expertise of reeling in my rations, and
A chef with captivating palatable provisions. Ill make good
In life as a single-student surviving solidity. Acting,
Feeding, and providing later for my dependent dynasty
Soon to come in the future.
Kings will envy my essential handiness and available protection.

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